Summer 2022 Fashion Trends You Do Not Want to Miss this Season!


Summer is upon us. The sun is out, the days are longer, there are places to see, beaches to hit, parties to attend and people to meet! So how to always be in style without having the need to reshuffle your wardrobe! There are essentials that has to be considered, yet basics stay the same. We do not wish to recycle our closet every season; a bit of refreshing would do great.

Summer 2022 fashion trends; there is something for everyone. Heading to Mykonos or Ibiza for a beach vacay, planning to enjoy the French Riviera with its beaches and lovely restaurants, planning to explore Lisbon or Madrid, have walks in the Swiss Alps or enjoy sunsets in Beirut! The options are wide so it is the summer trend and trust me; it will suit you and will call the little Boho Romantic fashionista in you.

Unique Patterns add a statement to your style

Patterns, patterns, patterns. One of the most go to trends every summer. Or else, how would you stand out from the crowd. More than a design, Patterns are a statement that says a lot about you. Yet be cautious on how to accessories it. Less is more. So opt for a wild piece from Kimora African Tribal set that includes a kimono and pants and set it with minimal accessories. An earring or a bracelet is more than enough. Wear it for an evening with high heels and for the afternoons with flats



Romantic Ruffles are Back

The all-time loved and adorned romantic ruffles are back for this season. Put it on for a sunset outing, an evening beach party or a picnic. Kimora summer 2022 launches a selection of a romantic ruffle set. Long patterned skirt with a romantic ruffle sleeveless cropped top. A perfect Summer Pick 

Statement Colors define Summer 2022 Fashion Collection

Purple is trending this season especially when blended in a mix of standout colors. The Outcome is fashion forward. Be it a kimono for him or her, a dress or a skirt, opt for these colors and why not? Add a twist of vintage green to your wardrobe, it is so in style!

Comfort Wear is the Way to go

For him and her, comfort wear is necessary to have this season. Linen pants; stylish, chic, classy and versatile.  A linen pants is a golden pass to all summer outings, the classic cut or the cargo one. Just throw a V-Neck on, a linen shirt of a short kimono and hit the road.

So here we are, the list is long, and in our upcoming blog we are going to focus and give some fashion tips to Men. Yes, Men are style icons at Kimora


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