The Tribe

Ranya Naja, Chief Tribe Designer, is a free boho at heart with a passion for fashion, design and travel. The story of Kimora began on a far off island, surrounded by friends and family and inspired by the sun, sea and sand.

In 2018, Ranya founded KIMORA Design with her tribal brothers, co-founders Karim Naja and Omar Abou Ezzeddine, to create a unique line of kimonos

Kimora imports materials from all over the world, while design and production are executed locally in Lebanon. Handmade patches with glow in the dark thread and unique fabric prints are just few of the materials Kimora uses to create statement pieces. 

Every soul is unique. Similarly each Kimora piece is one of a kind in limited quantities for a specific design. Grab your favorite design as soon as it catches your eye!

At Kimora, the “Innu” (people) are what inspire us to keep creating and inspiring both the body and soul. 

“People want a twist, something different.” – Ranya Naja