The Tribe




Ranya grew up surrounded by premium fabrics and textiles, gaining experience at her family’s business, Kocache, which she transitioned from carpets to interior design. Her global travels sparked a passion for patterns, nature, and freedom, leading to connections with renowned brands.

In 2018, she created KIMORA, a Boho Chic fashion line for men and women, inspired by her love for unique and comfortable beachwear. KIMORA reflects her passion for islands, vibrant energy, colors, and premium fabrics, embodying a lifestyle of cherishing every moment.

KIMORA is for the free-spirited who appreciate nature’s gifts and seek unique, wild pieces. If this resonates with you, welcome, KIMORIAN.



Kimora offers free, unique, and wild wear, blending sophistication with premium fabrics. Its nature-inspired designs feature collections reminiscent of the sea, islands, trees, and free-spirited animals, epitomizing effortless trendiness.

Each collection, designed for both men and women on a Free Size base, showcases unique prints, patterns, and vivid colors. Our skilled artisans use premium fabrics, silk, and handmade embroideries and beadings, all crafted in our ateliers.